World Wines Hunter wines in Caillac, with Justine Coudert.

My dear friend Justine Coudert has, for many years, worked in the wine world.  She worked with well respected vintners for some time before branching out on her own with World Wines Hunter (based at present in Caillac, Cahors) to find and promote, export and import the worlds best wines, spirits and beer. 

Focusing on the terroir, a large percentage was organic at the start and even more so now too, Justine searches out many smaller vineyards with superb wines from around the globe.    Even with austerity hitting Europe, and the world, she determinedly seeks out the best and finds good clients for the wine.  I am in constant admiration of her.  And also of her partner Jesse who she is in collaboration with at “Madness Kitchen”, which concentrates on traditional cuisine, gastronomic, fusion and worldwide, bistronomic, vegetarian, vegan and family cooking.  Jesse is an excellent chef (cuisinier) so this outlet provides an excellent base to pair his cooking, with her excellent wines.  I’ll add a contact at the bottom of this blog.

I felt it was unfair of me to ask her to open too many bottles, so we kept to a small cross section instead, and you can visit her to find out more.  I would highly recommend you follow her on facebook at the very least as she regularly presents her wines, also with food pairings too.   

So…..onto the tasting.  

First of all, we tasted a very beautiful Provence rosé, from the producer Saint Sidoine, AOC Côtes de Provence and AOP co-operative. 

Grenache, Cinnsault, Syrah and Carignan.

Clear, pale salmon-gold in colour, the nose was peach stone, citrus hints and gooseberries which continued onto the palate.    Crisp, dry sharpness balanced well with delicate peach tones, acidity was barely present and continued with gooseberry and pale citrus fruits.    A very elegant wine that would pair well with salads and grillades.   I liked it very much!  The vineyard produces a superb white and also a red, of which one is then aged in oak barrels. 



She next chose an organic Bergerac from the vineyard; L’Epicuria de Tourmentine.  Tasting a 2015 red, with blend of 80% Merlot and 20% Cabernet Sauvignon.  Clear purple in colour, with a blackurrant nose that hinted at peppery liquorice.  This followed through with a palate of dry dark berries and that lovely hint of spices.  Low levels of tannin appeared present which aided the medium body and complexity as well.  Liquorice and pepper in the medium finish enticed further tasting.   This is a small organic winery with a very good reputation that in my opinion is well earned.   They produce a couple of white wines as well, sweet and dry, also a rosé alongside their red.  


We moved onto the superb Lo Domeni wines from here in Cahors, however, as I visited Pierre the following day, I have left the details of the tasting to a full post of his wines and vineyard.

Justine has an excellent nose for superb wine and she represents some incredible vineyards.  A large percentage of her clients are organic and smaller producers and I have always trusted her instincts.   

She represents her vineyards at ProWein and will be in attendance in March 2020, I really do strongly suggest you go and find her as she will have wine definitely worth tasting and buying!


World Wines Hunter website (in English and French)  

Contact Jesse G for the Madness Kitchen on

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